Playing ranked is like russian roullete, who doesnt get trolls/AFKERS climbs

2 games after each other, afker and last one even had AFKER + Troll teemo. is this really climbing with skill or just a gamble who gets less afkers ? How can we now even judge skill with so many afkers and trolls. Teemo : guys dont flame im just playing on my smurf, i wanna enjoy so ill mute all and do what i like. ^ that was teemo in champ select from the get go. he then proceeds to go 1-6 and Olaf afk's entire game then returns and ''RUNS IT DOWN MID'' goes a whopping 0-7 we litterally had to play 3 man and made it to the late game. can u even imagine that is possible.. Olaf : im texting my gf ^ that was what he said when returned after 20 minutes of afk. Then first game.. Irelia premade just goes afk for 20 minutes.. meanwhile Jax toplane just free farms 200 cs. We leave our lanes to stop jax/?? guess what Vayne gets free farm at botlane. Okay so in all those games my lanes were won hard hence it all ended in close games late game. Whats the point ?? seriously 2 games in row how bad is the afk rates now, every other game has a troll and afk. For those that say, hey not my experience, well good u missed the bullet and get to climb easy. for those that dont have the time to play 10 games of ranked in a day.. having 2 or 3 of them with afkers is really tough. its like a China wall or a TRUMP WALL or whatever call it taliyah wall. Trolls and afkers are a big problem and they decide games waaaay to often leading to freelo and LP without skill. We need tighter rules on afk wins, because its too often, used to be occasional. but now afk is like common now. Dont get me started about all trolls saying ''im on a smurf so a loss doesn't matter'' its too common now.. smurfs dont care about loss win.. their here to mess it up for others.. unlike popular belief that smurfs carry.. they actually hard feed and couldnt care less, its not their main their losing.
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