Why can't Jhin have a keystone?

I don't know how to say that nerfs to Hail of Blades jhin were too much without sounding like an angry one trick. Well I wouldn't even say nerfs because you straight up killed the only thing that made him viable since the Runes Reforged was released, well, besides the Rageblade bug at least... To put things into perspective Rageblade Jhin was uncomparably stronger than HoB Jhin and you gave them both the same treatment. I would understand if you just nerfed the attack speed to movement speed conversion in order to let him keep the only rune he works with, but I know that you don't do sensible balancing so I'm not really surprised that you decided to push him down to shit tier again. He wasn't even that good to begin with after getting hit with indirect nerf after indirect nerf in the last several patches, causing him to lose ~250 ad from full build at one point. Did he run too fast? Sure. Was he broken? Hell no, Jhin was the healthiest he's been all season, landing in the "decent" rank in the botlane with 51% wr (thought still far behind Draven and Kai'Sa which are quite overwhelming and not getting nerfed for some reason). Right now Jhin is at his lowest in terms of damage in a while, and with your not to say unnecessarily cruel nerf he is back to being barely playable. And while we're at it you might as well remove Hail of Blades entirely as you've just forcefully take it away from the only champ that used it. It's neither the first nor the last time you killed a champion. I used to love playing Caitlyn and Xayah but you killed them as well, also Aatrox and Evelynn were the only non-adc champs I liked, but you made Aatrox into a different champion, my ad Evelynn is gone as well, Xayah is borderline unplayable without Essence Reaver and ever since you "nerfed" Caitlyn she is literally a bother to play. It's quite sad that the only reason behind my Jhin one tricking in the past months is that all the other champs I liked are gone in one way or another. Taking this in mind and the fact that I will not get my ranked rewards for this season because I got chat banned back in February, I can already see myself not playing this game next season. I'm sorry but your balancing is literally all over the place and it's straight up alienating me from the game I used to love. This post isn't all about Jhin, it's about your carelessness regarding your mistakes. Essence Reaver was perfectly fine before the rework, and you've admitted it yourself that it was a bad one... So what's stopping you from reverting it? TL;DR You could've let him keep the keystone by just nerfing the attack speed => movement speed conversion as he has no other rune. P.S. How about you nerf the champs that actually need nerfs like Jax and Kai'Sa?
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