Playing With Momentum - Mentality of climbing

There was a cool mechanic that I really tried to implement into my games in order to climb that I picked up from a bunch of high elo people Basically it's super simple. When they play games, they give it their 100%. They dont play hungry, they dont play tired, they put their all into this 1 game and then they take a break. So, if you win a game, then you win another, and another, you have momentum going. You're in a good mood, you're mentally in the game and you're in it to win it. But as soon as you lose 1-2 games, you have to stop since you might tilt. No matter what rank you are, you are going to climb because with your current knowledge you're just going to play better by really giving it your all rather than playing for fun or playing on auto-pilot. It's super easy to put your all into one game, but if you lose you go into the next one and now your map awareness is less, you're not keeping track of enemy cooldowns, you're typing stuff in chat, etc. You want to avoid that and make ranked something like your exam where you just have to focus on playing as perfectly as you can. So the little chart that I got from another guy is as follows --- You play the game in brackets. Let's say brackets of 3. You can play these 3 games, and if you win 2/3 of them, you can move on to the next bracket and play 3 more games. If you lose 2/3 games instead, stop playing ranked for a while. A long while, not a few minutes. --- One last tip I got that I want to share to you guys is to those who climbed up, but then began deranking and falling again. So basically what happens is, you changed your playstyle and you put a lot of effort into climbing to your desired rank. Once you get there, you feel as though 'I'm here now, I've accomplished it' and then you stop doing what you were doing in order to get there. So to stay in the higher rank that you got, you need to keep consistently doing what you were doing to get there in the first place. --- Sorry if this felt a little long, I tried to make it as readable as possible! Thanks for reading if you did, have a nice day today :D
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