Runes Reforged: What about masterypages?

Hi! In the latest patch (7.22) League reforged the runepages and masterypages into 5 standard and 2 (when you haven't bought any) personalizable runepages. My thought on this major change is: **"What about these 20 masterypages I created for all the specific champions I play in-game?"** When I play League I really like to play all lanes and change my strategy for each lane and champion I play. I think this patch is holding me back from playing the game as I used to (wich is why I loved it so much) . Also if I play now and chose to play top or jungle but instead I get autofilled (wich is in most of the cases support) I have to chose a support champion for whom I don't have a personalized runepage for. So i think it might be a good idea to either: - give each player a minimum 4 or 5 personalizable runepages (because we lost **20**(!!!) masterypages) - make it possible to change the keystones (not the core runes) on the standard runepages - make it possible to change the secondary core rune on the standard runepages This would make us able to adapt the runepages to a bigger variety champions than we can at the moment.
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