Why i hate this game

i play this game only cuz my pc is bad and i cant play anything else , if i had better pc i would delete this game and never install it.Now reasons: you cant pause it , boring , unbalanced champs that riot likes and dosent give a **** about champs like aatrox,fiddle etc. New client is bugging/lagging however you say it , there is like 15 - 20 milions magyars but but they dont give a **** about ex jugloslav countries that can 30milion peapole understand , eune is one of the worst servers even in goddamn diamond peapole dont know when to back , but if i start playing on euw it would take me 3 mounts just to be 30 and with 16 cheap champs.Now i know that u will hate me and i dont give a f about you , and rito will probably delete this but if they do it will show how low they are
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