Watching Riven's overloaded kit is scared me more than a horror movie.

Before all Riven mains downvote this post, you have to admit that Riven's kit is very overloaded with stuff that she shouldn't have. Survivability, mobility, damage, burst, sustained, execute, stuns, good 1v1er, teamfight god... The list goes on. The thing that really gets me angry when I play against Riven is a combination of her mobility, she probably has the best mobility in the game, burst damage and shield. Okay... 3 mini dashes and a knockup that deals crazy damage, I'm okay with that. Aoe stun that scales with 100 percent Ad, I'm okay with that. An ultimate on a low-medium cd that increases her AD, I'm okay with that too. But was it necessary to put in a range execute and Another dash that gets a 3.5 second cd with 40 percent cooldown reduction that have a high base and scales with 100 percent ad. That gives me fudging nightmare. This might look like a QQ post, which it is, but I just wanted to tell you about what causes me to Wake up each night and cry myself back to sleep from.
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