The Random Spawning of Dragons Completely Defies the Strategical Essence of the Concept

TL;DR below When I first heared about the dragon changes I was very exited and satisfied with Riot's new direction for the previously controversial objective. I very much did and still do like the strategical aspect of a team being able to acquire different types of buffs that enhance the effectiveness of a specific playstyle. A siege comp could therefore strongly profit from the Mountain Drake, the power of late game carries would be immense with the Infernal Drake, and against a poke comp, the regenerating buffs from the Ocean Drake would be ideal. This system could strongly motivate teams to acquire certain drakes as a strategical value, without snowballing too hard with gold or generic buffs. What is even greater, is that it would also motivate the enemy team to DENY this buff to their opponent. This would strongly encourage the long-missed dragon fights, with a much greater, yet individual purpose, where receiving and denying the dragon is the new objective. The unfortunate problem with Riot's implementation of this system, is that the dragon spawns are random. This completely neglects the potential effects this change might have had, if the spawns were systematic and predictable. Yes, teams know what Drake will spawn next in game, but they have no own control or pre-game strategic adjustment possibilities over playing towards the dragon that they want or need. Hence they will just, in the event of it, take the dragon that is currently up, and as of now, this is unfortunately exactly what we also see in pro play. The beautiful concept of the new dragons is denied, as teams will most of the time just take the drake as a standard objective, and thus the way the dragon's buff affects their comp from a strategic perspective is, coincidential. The fact that teams only take dragons as a standard objective, or to make another, more needed dragon spawn, shows bad execution of this concept. What Riot should have done with the new Drakes, is making them available at SET times for SET durations during the game. This would allow teams to plan for Dragons and the Dragon fights. For this concept, I have prepared two possible implementations. Solution 1: Each Drake could be active for 10 minutes in a set time, and respawn every 4 minutes, with its effect stacking up to three times. Ordering Dragons from early game- to late game impact, the Cloud Drake would spawn from 0 - 10 minutes, Ocean Drake from 10 - 20, Mountain Drake from 20 - 30, Infernal Drake from 30 - 40, and Elder Drake from 40 up. Solution 2: A somewhat different, two-part approach to acquire the dragon, that includes the initial activation of a dragonspawn. At first, there could be a smaller, weaker dragon, similar in strength to the Rift Herald. After defeating the initial dragon, the team that slew the dragon can then choose which dragon will be the next so spawn (4 "buffs" could spawn, (like with rift herald) each for representing one drake; the next dragon then spawns by which "buff" is activated). Then, the chosen drake will spawn in a set time after the initial dragon was defeated (30 seconds, 1 minute, ...). This Drake should be active for a limited amount of time, so teams should be forced to play around the objective (1 - 3 minutes). Since the acquiring of the drake requires more time and effort now, the effects should be increased. The next "initial dragon" will then spawn a set time after the chosen drake was defeated or it despawned (4 minutes being a suitable time). TL;DR: The new dragon concept is very enrichening to the strategic aspect of objective taking, as it motivates teams to play around drakes without snowballing too hard with gold or generic buffs. With different dragons having disparate effects, this would motivate specific teams and teamcomps to acquire the drakes that they synergise with. This concept is however and unfortunately, completely denied, as the spawning of dragons is random, therefore not allowing a team to make pre-game adjustments and preperations around drake. Teams, as we can see even in LCS, just take whatever drake spawns, as a standard objective, often just acquiring drakes they dont thave much use for, to let another, more suiting dragon spawn. This defies the whole theory of the concept and any potential way this system could have improved LoL strategic play and diversity. Dragon spawns should be predictable and systematic, so teams have actual purpose and motivation to fight and play around the dragons, but ONLY around those, they really need. Above, two possible implementations have been described by me.

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