Playing support in plat isn't fun anymore

Seriously ranked has never been so unhealthy as it is now. Wins are determed by luck add this point in time. It all depends on your solo lanes right now. If they both win. It's almost impossible to lose the game right now. Even if you crush botlane like a god. Even if you have 87% kill participation. Even if you can outplay them & tripple kill them just by using your base damage & cc perfectly when they dive you. The fact remains you are still going to lose that game because of the minions waves pushing (because of the pushing changes) and their is nothing you can do about it. Ones the snowball is under effect it's impossible to stop it. In the end you will just lose against 3 baron'up minion waves. Even if you manage to kill them over & over again. You can't leave your base with only 2 people. Not long ago I had a game where we had all our turrets & inhibs down on 16 minutes... We managed to stall out the game up to 50 minutes just by 2v5 the enemy team... That's how bad they where. And yet we couldn't win the game because of those 3 other guys... That & the second we leave the base we would lose anyway. Even if you have a decent adc the game isn't going to end well. You win lane, take first blood turret than you rotate top & take that one. Than you rotate mid & compleet the sweep (that if your adc has a brain enouge to follow your lead). Often in plat your adc just doesn't want to listen to you. The toplaner refuses to laneswamp or the adc rotates mid thinking he can beat the waveclear of a fed ziggs mid. Overal without an adc that you trust you can't snowball the game add all. Than you think about it & tells yourself ok don't worry we just beat them with a teamfight but no. With all this lethality shit the adc's aren't going to pentakill the enemy team lategame. They aren't going to crit & lifesteal forever & even if you have a list of active items. Your adc isn't going to carry that game. When was the last time you saw an adc winning you the game? I don't think so. So it's up to the support right. Well... , nop not going to happen. That fed {{champion:122}} or {{champion:104}} just is going to walk up to you & kill your entire team. But... don't be shocked but this was the best case scenario. What if you actually have to face a botlane you don't crush with 8-0. What if you play against & ultra safe botlane that keeps it 0-0. Back the glory times of the adc you didn't worry about it because your adc is going to scale up when you have a hyper carry. But right now you should already be add panic when it's 0-0 in the botlane on 10 minutes because you already knewn you are going to lose that game. Your adc won't be able to kill the solo laners & even if you peel for them perfectly. You are the one that will deal 90% of the damage. Seriously I even surpass with damage with a {{item:3301}} support {{champion:40}} right now (despite I rarely play her)... Every game my team is telling me, wtf how did the support deal more damage than the adc. Add this point I even go {{item:3107}} after my core items as {{champion:143}}. But I should just go for that {{item:3135}} to cover my adc of his lack of lategame damage (since he's building full lethality offcourse). Marksmen aren't marksmen anymore. I have no problem if this lethality is build used as a situational item. But the fact is that it's just the core build {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3147}} every f*cking game. Crit & attackspeed something that is just compleetly ignored add this point in time and those who are still going for it will have a hard time. #TL;DR: Fix Adc's, MAKE SUPPORTS GREAT AGAIN!! Edite: I forgot to mention something else and that's jungle ganks. While botlane originally was a farmfest for the junglers they actually try to avoid the lane again for the simple fact that the lane itself can't singlehandlely carry the game versus a snowballing solo laner. So useally the junglers will try to get a solo lane ahead before attempting a gank on the botlane. Unless the solo lanes are already winning offcourse. This is also one of the reasons why so many squishy supports are in the meta. They simply can't be punished by jungle ganks because the lane doesn't have priority anyway.
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