I need tips about attitude in ranked games

Today I had two ranked games and two losses, but my problem wasn't losing, that happens, my problem is how in champ select everyone was nice and friendly, but around 4/5 minutes bot and top started feeding, i don't know what the jungler was doing and i were trying to survive the thousands of ganks i got from warwick; but that's not a big deal, the enemy team was just too syncronized and cooperative i just loved seeing them play, while our support, adc, jungler and top were flaming each other. I was there in the middle, I tried really hard to try and make them cooperative, friendly, positive but they just weren't listening, i didn't know what to do,obviously everyone in my team was flaming more than playing, and i was trying my best to make them friendly towards each other and stop the flame, that is how we lost both games. In the meantime the enemy midlaner actually praised me, i was really happy to hear somebody being friendly, and i feel like friendly people are only in the enemy team. So now i am asking, what should i do to solve this flaming?
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