2.5k Normal Wins, P5 ~ elo, is it possible to be this bad?

I've been playing since end of Season 1, started playing ranked games at season 2. Back then it was elo and not leagues but my progress has been like this Season 2 ---> Silver ELO Season 3 ---> Gold 3 Season 4 ---> Platinum 4 Season 5 ---> Platinum 3 I also have 2528 Normal Wins and about 2.2k Normal Losses. Also a lot of ranked games per season, approximately an average of 200 games per season, adding up to 800 ranked games. Recently, I had a bad game and a teamate told me 2.5k games, pathetic. And it made me think... What have I been doing so wrong for so long? How can I be this bad? How is it possible for someone to have spent this many hours playing the game and still be just above average performance? (***UPDATE:*** I mean middle tier is Gold and Platinum is right after that, sorry for the totally wrong way of putting it)
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