Any tips on getting better at league?

Hi. I'm a currently Silver 1 player, which dropped from 63% winrate to 61%. I am so determined to get that Victorious skin and i can't stop here. I started B5 this season and climed all the way to silver 3 solo playing only Malzahar, then i started queuing up with my gold 5 friend. Recently i started playing so bad, around silver 3/2, so i decided i'll try some new champions. Here's my : (In the katarina game i played agaist a one trick kata which played leblanc and couldn't do anything, i didn't troll but that's hard to belive) So my main is Malzahar.I feel like he is in a bad state so I didn't played him in the past days since i was trying different champs, but that was a bad idea. I find it very hard as a Malzahar to play vs champions like Zed,Talon,Katarina,Yasuo(assassins in general) and Vladimir/Lux. Can you guys give me any tips when laning agaist those champions or some overall gameplay tips. And also, is my farm good on malzahar(6.9/min)? Thanks in advance. I know i'll get some pretty good tips from you guys :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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