For all the Kids crying that Riven is too Broken

Stop crying over the fact that u lost one single time to a riven , she is not even the most picked nor broken champ ( have u heard of Katarina ?? or mby Yasuo ??? what about Darius ? ) ... i don't get it , she is easy to counter ! Have u ever played Riven against Camille ? :D She is 100 % legit counter for riven , her passive blocks more than 3 hits , true dmg on Q ... or mby have u ever played against Renekton on Top ? :D he removes your shield ... or mby Tahm Kench ? :D what about Darius ? or Aatrox ? So i hope i made myself clear , stop crying in Threads that she must get nerf ... no she doesn't need , she is perfectly balanced and squishy :) Glass cannon champ
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