WTF even is jungle now

Alright, so everyone complains about jungle now so I will also state my opinion. Last season I was Plat/Gold player in a jungle mainly playing Hecarim and Kayn having decent game most of the time. Now s10 comes around and knock knock, Riot lowers the xp and ON TOP OF THAT removes catchup xp. So now as a jungler you are forced into two playstyles. Go for the early and fu-k your clear leading to being behind everyone in a second or powerfarming leading to Lulu support having more damage then you for all the impact you had on the game. Now alright, people say jungle has too much power which is fair (though I wouldn't say making 2 gangs in 10minutes instant punishment fair) but hear me out. The biggest problem we are facing is none of this; it's the *SHARE XP REDUCTION* since if you gang now you either get a kill - unlikely since the opponent is 2-4 levels ahead of you, leading to 0/0 outcome since your lane lost ton of XP to the void. Alternatively you can get oneshot since you are so behind and your laner is fu-ked further. The last thing that happens is that you might get no outcome, still forcing both yourself and the LANER behind. Does this mean Ganks are now just there to grief your teammate? (Not even mentioning the fact that you can literally grief by following someone around making sure they lose levels) What do you all think? TLDR: XP in jungle is bad which is alright --> Share XP reduction is the actual BS
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