Warwick - A Champion Rework in the WRONG direction

{{champion:19}} really doesn't work as a champion rework and he is a symbol for everything that is currently wrong with League of Legends. He has shoehorned mobility and no actual skillshots which makes him very easy to play. His ult does require you to leap on a target but the range on it is so large you cannot really miss. It does seem that Riot are constantly reworking champions to be more "Idiot-proof" then they were before and shoehorning unneeded mobility into their kits and calling it "modern". A lot of champion "reworks" have made that champion significantly easier rather then focusing on what that champion has that makes them unique. Riot should stop making reworks for idiots and actually focus on interactive play, with established counter mechanics rather then actually trying to make champions as easy as possible so that they can make as much money as possible. SMITE is a good example of this because everything in that game is a skillshot, so it feels like that you are being rewarded for playing skillfully but League is FLOODED with point and click auto-attacks and abilities at the moment.
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