How to improve the game?

Like, the game is awesome and all but i have a feeling like Riot is not even trying that much to improve the game.. There are so many good ways that do not have **stupid** interactions involved (akali w?!). You can for instance: 1. make **good communication** by applying a switch for voice chat in draft queues 2. make a **punish system** that bans players who **don't even try to win** since champion select or people who blackmail other players if they make a mistake** that wasn't even crucial to the outcome of the game** or a lane (but they give up after their laner is 0-1) 3. make patches that try to **improve** the game and **not to just shift the meta** (or "balance" it) (-5ms btw) 4. (((ACTUALLY START REWARDING RANKED GRINDING))) (hyped for season9, **we'll see if that works**) If we all start telling them what to do,** they might actually improving the game.** Don't get me wrong, i really love the game but there are so many **obvious** improvements that make the game better. **_Join me and share your ideas so we make League great again!_**
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