Auto Farming BOTs have invaded ARAM

Having played 5 games in ARAM this morning, I've had 4 of these auto IP farming BOTs in my ARAM game. So what does these BOTs have in common? 1. Obviously, no human interaction. It doesn't matter you speak / shout / yell in chat, they wouldn't answer. 2. They all had the same summoner spell and mastery: {{summoner:6}} + {{summoner:32}} + No mastery (even they were all Lv30) 3. They grabs whatever they can afford from the recommended list. So I had: {{champion:23}} , {{champion:89}} , {{champion:32}} with {{item:2047}} as their starting item (even there are no Akali / Shaco / Teemo / Twitch in the opposing team) 4. They walks up and attack whoever they encountered. They might cast a few spells to gain kill or assist. But they are mindless and always 1 v 5 Some of you might say: could that be non-skilful players? Well, point 1 & 2 speaks for itself.
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