Has riot finally perfected balancing?

I have played league about 2k-3k hours, started pre-season 6. I have played some ranked, but mostly normals. Nowadays I play only normals. You could argue that only the ranked scene matters, but I've seen that normals are often a reflection of the ranked scene - the same cancer, if existing, dominates both. I have seen many metas, but this is probably the first time in my league career that I feel like there are no cancer champions that appear in and dominate almost every game. Has riot finally learned not to buff champions too much? Another positive change I've noticed is that the game no longer punishes me so much for winning. A couple years back, if I had a winstreak in normals, my elo got out of hands and I was forced to being stomped by challengers for weeks. I consider myself gold level at best. I still win a lot, since I'm mostly grinding my main champion, but the games aren't immediately turning into stompfests with 9 diamond-challengers and me, a silver scrub. Which is nice. Dominating other noobs is where I belong.
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