Can we do something about poke in aram?

Poke heavy champions and especially ADC's are incredibly overpowered right now. This is because every champion has less resistances than before the new runes. Now it's so incredibly easy to snowball with ranged/adc comp and finish a game in under 10 minutes it's just complete trash to have to play this way in this game mode. We have reduced healing in aram, but we should also have reduced ranged damage. Or at least SOMETHING that allows a myriad of comps to succeed. Before the new runes ranged champions already had an advantage, but now this advantage is even bigger and there doesn't seem to be any point in the game where this can be turned around. Like, tanks in aram are completely useless, because it takes forever to get tanky and if you get to like 3 items and the opposing adc's have 4-5 items it's pretty much over. Let's be honest here. ARAM is a battle arena with 1 lane. You are forced to teamfight and a lot of champions need a few items to get rolling. Poke champions or ADC's don't need any of that because their damage output is so much higher than before. Ugh.
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