Thoughts on Vlad?

I played a lot of Vlad even before the rework and i was really fond of him because of the whole tanky mage with tons of sustains... after the update is till played him and really liked the new q and the way the new ult works, the e takes getting used to but in essence is also great. What i really dont like is the "ekko treatment" forcing vlad players to either build only HP and deal no dmg but cannot die because of his sustain with the 3rd q when used properly. Or you build AP and become really squishy in comparison to what he used to be. His page ion the launcher says his secondary is tank but i dont feel it at all. In my experience trying to build both results in not dealing enough and not being tanky enough to be in the front line. I dont want him to be buffed i just think that making him scale of AP just ruins the point of him. IMO I would love to hear your thoughts on it and if im wrong please enlighten me i really dont mind talking about it, maybe im missing something but thats my current train of thought.
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