Autofill is... interesting ?

I que Jg/top and after someone dodged in a lobby where I got jg, naturally, I got autofilled sup the next one. Here is the funny thing... Our jungle was actually ADC/sup and got autofilled jg, Our top was also autofilled (what a surprise), and guess what... also plays sup, ADC/sup. How the !@#$ do I get in a lobby with autofilled jg AND top who are both sup offrole but I'm the one filled sup ? Needless to say we got lucky with our main roles and we swapped around reducing the lobby players to only 1 autofilled + 1 offrole instead of the initial 3 autofilled. There shouldn't be lobbies with 3 autofilled players lol. Just remove that !@#$ pls.... Doesn't make any sense.
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