question about cheap shot rune

i didn't find any useful thing here also i try over 2 hours to find out in PRACTICE TOOL but i didn't succeed... question 1 : you bought both {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} and you are {{champion:99}} if you cast your R on an enemy champion from away will the target take cheap shot's bonus true damage??? question 2 : you bought only {{item:3151}} and you are {{champion:17}} you threw your ultimate on bush and an enemy champion moves on that mushroom will the target take cheap shot's bonus true damage twice? i know the target can take one cheap shot's damage but after 4 second cooldown of the rune refresh will they take another true damage because of {{item:3151}} also don't hate me because i use teeto as a example! waiting for answers :) WITH REGARDS {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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