Build defence.. (For carry players)

I know that most of you guys who are stupidly good at mechanics and extremely knowledgeable to the game often build pure damage to carry the game. But If you die 2-6 times within the first 10 mins of the game You should really not build dmg.. I don't care if you are a Katarina or a Yasou, if you are behind you build items that is best for you situation. I have a friend who just tried out Shaco and after he died 8 times doe to invades he continuously built dmg and died even more. I tried telling him if you are behind build suncape or Solarice for some support for the other carries of our team. But no, he has to build dmg to defend himself even if this is completely not true. So please don't build dmg when behind, build defence and you will at least be some use for us others who carry. (Idk how many games I lost cause of this reason) Edit: I never said anything about building tank. Like for a ad assassin, instead of building Yommus, build Hexdrinker or Ninja tabis. When I am behind with someone like Kled, I often buy Solaris or something like that to support my teammates since I can't really bodyguard them
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