Zed may be "balanced" as some people claim but he is just not fun to play against.

{{champion:238}} is top of my personal ban list whenever I get the chance. It is not because he is overpowered or even that he is annoying in lane (which he is). It is because he is almost completely unfun for anyone to play against. There are ways to beat him that I know about such as a select few champions but he pretty much REQUIRES you to build around just him in order to defeat him, which to me, just seems like bad design. He does not even have to kill you. His mobility easily allows him to go bot or top and catch them out for a free kill because of his oppressive base damage. He does high damage, even without any items built and his poke and mobility, and the fact that he is essentially manaless (He regenerates Energy at an extremely fast rate) really does not help with feeling there is much that can be done against him. He tends to be like {{champion:53}} in that you can be skilled and avoid him and beat him in lane but you can rest assured that one of your team will feed him at some point and the horrible, snowball will begin. I just wish that he did not exist in League because he just is not fun to play against. He may be balanced numbers wise but I believe his problems lie in how forgiving and powerful his kit is without any items. This is not a blast at any Zed mains, its just telling the truth. This champion really makes me feel like quitting league of legends.
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