There is no meta atm, there is just.....

There is no meta atm, there is just the one who are broken. Tank-meta is a meta Assassin-meta is a meta and so on.... but right now....there is no meta. Right now, we are still in the experiment-period because there are still soooo many champions that are broken.... For example, Graves.....still sooooooooo strong, its redicilous. just some numbers so you can see how broken he is: if he hits you with 4 pellets (thats 275range btw) he will deal 110%+(3*36,6%) = 219,8% AD-damage.....that a bonus of ~120% MORE DMG !!!! to compare .....they nerfed shaco passiv 25% more dmg from behind because its to op to 20%...... does that make any sense ?.... i gues it does since riot says so. lets continue.... Jax has been reworked, buffed nerfed and what ever 1million times.... and right now.....he is broken as fuck....why yo ask? because he gets sooo tanky with dmg items its not even fun.....his ulti is gamebreaking....and with devourer he hits you every 2nd hit with + 220dmg.... or lets take a look at xin zhao.... they gave him a free crit every 3rd hit (with devourer every 2nd btw) and they made his heal scale with ad.....well.....for what reason? reworking the masteries... right now some masteries are just broken on some chmaps.... for example kogmaw+fervor of max stacks it deals 14*8 = 112 dmg ON HIT !!!!! yeah....balanced.....why not have a mastery that gives 112 ad-dmg on hit....sound totaly fine..... Riot do you even play this fuckin game? almost everything you have touched is turning into gamebreaking shit....

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