Items in ARAM

I have a problem about an certain item on ARAM. That is Oracles Elixir. With the recent removal of Warmogs Armor in Butchers Bridge, I can’t see how Oracles Elixir brings anything to ARAM. I have played quite some games on ARAM and everytime someone plays Teemo, Jhin, Akali, Kha'Zix, Shaco or Talon, it's sad to see their gameplay experience ruined by this item, both for teammates and the enemy team. For example Teemo, which lacks presence outside his shrooms, and when this presence is taken down easily by this elixir, the ''fun'' of this gamemode fades away. This item seems anti-fun and does not add to the gameplay, but rather ruin it, and does not in my eyes fit into the fun that is ARAM. Even if they want to keep it, it should be balanced with; higher cost, shorter duration, loss opon death or max one per team. No matter how annoying it is to be attacked by a hidden Teemo, it makes the game more exciting, instead of using 300gold to shut him down completly. Same goes for other stealth champions who depends om the stealth to be relevant in this mode. What do you think?
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