My thoughts on Blood Moon Evelynn

So I was legit screaming when I first saw the Blood Moon Evelynn video on League of Legends official instagram page and I thought it was pretty decent but when I watched the Skin spotlight video I was fairly disappointed... Q - Looks very nice, I love the combination of blue and red however there seems to be way too much blue and red (blood) is missing out also I saw the effects that Tango Evelynn has and it kinda weirded me out.. I think her Q should maybe get more red instead of blue effect however it's fine even now but what bothers me the most is that effect when she hits the 3 Q's and it reminds me way too much of Tango Evelynn so I would like to see it changed to something more blood moon-y. My idea: Fix the splash effect to be more satisfying. W- It looks fine but It reminds me way too much of Masquerade Evelynn for some reason and I think it fits the Masquerade skin better than this one just because of that mask vibe that Masquerade Evelynn is wearing also I would like to see the *charmed* effect changed just like you did with Shadow Evelynn. My idea: Make the hearts when a champion is charmed a combination of blue and red hearts instead of only blue or only red or PINK which is very disappointing and kinda boring considering the Classic Eve has those.. E- It looks fine but it doesn't feel as satisfying as it does with other skins and I would like it to have more blood splashing effects on it to feel more satisfying like I said for the Q, Q and E imo should feel more satisfying especially if you have W on the enemy, for me playing Evelynn gives that violance but at the same time satisfying vibe which I really love, especially the sounds... I would like it to be worked on to be more satisfying just like other abilities. My idea: Make the sounds more satisfying and add the splashier effects so it can be more satisfying...why do i repeat myself all the time geez... I guess I really like the satisfying feels Eve gives me. R- It looks good and I really like the blood moon mark on the ground as she slashes through the enemies but would like some more Blue and Red combination in it rather than dusty red as it is now so it can match with the Q atleast. My idea: Just add some blue colour so it doesn't feel boring as it is right now since it's her most epic ability so I would like it to be more exciting and to have more Blue colour together with the Red one so it can be you know just more satisfying lmao.. Model: I like some things before the changes and like some things after the changes: Hair- Basically I would like them to make the hair more lighter red or maybe get the old pink one because the new one is just way too dark and is kinda boring to look at. Horns- I liked them when they were blue better but maybe keeping them blue but giving the light blue part on the top of horns would kinda fix them, because the golden version of horns (the new one) has a cyan-ish color on the top of them so maybe keeping the horns blue with that cyan top would fit nicer than these golden horns that aren't even the same shade as her tentacles. Face- The old version had a more human-y looking makeup and face yet the new one has rather silver than blue eyes but I like the new version of the face more, it gives more of the asian demon vibe ;D Tattoos- I would like them to be a little darker and more noticable in game and on splash art considering you can barely see them on the splash art and in game they're just not very noticable yet they make a very big role in giving a better vibe about the skin overall. Outfit- I would like her to have longer sleeves as her arms look kinda skinny compared to the long claws that she has and it makes the arms look ugly so I would like her to have sleeves to kinda cover it and feel sexier over all as I agree that shorter dresses are more attractive if they got the longer sleeves. I also noticed that the fire-ish thing on her dress is different shade of gold from the tentacles and it kinda bothers me.. Hands- Could be less red because they look kinda gross with all that harsh red color just put on her pale skin toned arms! Claws- They're pretty nice and give a very unique vibe considering that the blood moon theme is all about red, Evelynn's skin has a lot of blue in it and I really like it a lot. Shoes- they look pretty seductive and fitting, like! Tentacles- I like them but I would like either them to be more "lighter" shade of gold or her horns if they're not gonna be changed back to blue and her golden piece on dress to be darker shade like her tentacles are because it really bothers me! Emotes- I would also like her Taunt to maybe have the heart colour changed from pink to maybe red when she cuts it in 2. Thank you if you read this all I really appreciate it! Comment down your thoughts on the new Evelynn skin!
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