Well, so i wanted to play some league of legends and in the bottom of my client i see ''Autofill Enabled''. So i thought: Okay fine, i probably won't get autofilled. I was in queue a match popped up so i accepted it. And yes you can guess what happend, i got autofilled to support. and i'm like well shit. This is not the lane that i wanted, so i just picked Thresh. When we were In-Game our jungler got invaded, Our top laner was losing lane, our mid laner didn't call when an enemy was missing, so we lost the game afterwards. What i'm trying to say is that Autofill is just ruinining matchmaking games. I just want to play one of my two lanes. And if i get autofilled it's pure bs cause i'm not so good at the role i get autofilled in. Riot please. Make autofill toggleable. Let players choose if they want to have a shorter queue and get autofilled. I don't mind waiting 5~10 more to get my lane i want and probably have a higher chance of winning.
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