Sightstone on support

Guys, I love being on boards, but there always is that one thing that bothers me. _"Supports shouldn't need to buy sightstone."_ Ye hell, then don't play Support. **What is the thing a support has to do?** To this question there will be many different answers: - Protect your ADC in lane. (could it be... wards help with that? :O) - Peel lategame. (depending on the Support and Situation this can aso be 'engage') - Ward lategame. (and now to all of you saying "Warding isn't only the supports Job", yes it isn't _only _their Job, BUT IT FUCKING IS THEIR JOB TO WARD, it's not the others Job to make up for the Support not warding a lot, they only assisst the Support in warding.) "But I can just buy {{item:3361}}, and if some others buy it too there is no Problems with wards" Okay, lets see: and before you start "most Gold efficient item, blablabla" How can you tell? How Gold efficient is {{item:3363}} or {{item:3364}}? IMO god damn efficient. ADC about always goes for {{item:3342}} - {{item:3363}} Jungle wants {{item:3341}} - {{item:3364}} for map pressure. Mid can use about every trinket, but if ahead they defo want {{item:3341}} - {{item:3364}} too. Toplane... depends on lot on the toplaner I guess, splitpusher will got for {{item:3361}}, but those wards will most likely be for their safety, but can go other trinkets. And, lets all be honest, maybe 2 of them will change/get it before fullbuild. Okay, now you, Support, decide: 1 - {{item:2049}} + {{item:3341}} - {{item:3364}} or 2 - {{item:3361}}? what I see: 1 - YOU CAN GET IT PRE LEVEL 9! I've been in shop so often, trying to upgrade my trinket just to see, oh, I'm support, I often miss out on xp. Luckely I already had Sightstone and {{item:3341}}, so it wasn't too bad for laning. You get {{item:3341}} - {{item:3364}}, that item imo is, along with green and pink wards, the strongest in the game. But... **you can get wards another way**, but there is no Oracles anymore, and appart from pinks there honestly isn't reall another way to clear wards or spot invis enemys. (raptor smite buff, but that's not what I'd call reliant lategame) Especially vs Talon/Shaco/Vayne (or the likes) this item will prove soooo valueable. Something I also want to mention, while you can get HP in other ways, the HP of sightstone helps pretty nicely in lane. 2 - I actually mentioned most above, it might be very Gold efficient... but often you shouldn't look at that. Supports who playing in like Season 2, they know how much Money Support actually got atm, and there is no problem getting that 800 Gold for basically securing you lane. Not only with wards, but with HP too, both things {{item:3361}} doesn't grant pre 9. And also enabling your jungler to maybe squeeze in a gank or too with {{item:3341}}, maybe even use it to just surprise engage 2v2. --------------------------------------- I'm sorry if I sounded rude or anything... that wasn't my Intention at all. But this is just something that bugs me... I just wanted to get out why it does. Maybe you agree with me, maybe not, that's all up to you. I just want you to consider it. Thank you for reading, every discussion input is wellcome.
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