New Loading Screen for Season 9

Hello community! I would like to discuss with you about the elements of the new loading screen and I will try to use arguments while I am expressing my opinion. First of all, I am a person that plays this game since 2nd Season like non-stop. This game has changed a lot over these years (small and big changes) and I personally embrace most of those changes, even if some of them disturbed me at first, as I realised eventually that these happened for a decent reason (most of them at least). I believe that evolving in many ways is a "must", especially when we refer to a game. It's good if it happens gradually, because in this way people have time to "digest" each change and they receive a little boost to their interest through them. Now lets get back on our topic...about loading screen changes: * **Personal "Ping/ms" indication changed position** It used to be at the right down corner. Now it's at the left up one. It's on the exact opposite place now. A decent reason to do this change? Still looking forward to find it out. It's really confusing for users that are used to the position of something, to suddenly try into each game to find the new one because there is nothing there anymore. To change/improve something, there must be a reason to do so. * **Layout of Summoner Name, Icon, Spells and Runes changed** This new one seems to be nice and helpful, especially for new players as now they can hover over summoner spells and runes with their mouse for more information. * **New Design for loading screen Borders** It's been a year since borders had a big upgrade, for Season 8. It was a fancy and practical design, as you could even see the division number achieved for players rank. Now new ones have modern and minimalist design with tiny details on them. Although, it feels like their line size is way too thin and their color "softer" than it should be. Eyes struggle much to see if there is any border on a player or what's the color of it, while old ones were attracting the necessary attention (as it suppose to be a kind of reward for players). Most of the times I had to get my head closer to the screen, just to see the borders of my teammates. The good part is that they also added decent colors for Master and Grandmaster Tier (purple/pink and red). * **Borders now display current rank** New "dynamic" borders came up. Now borders get auto-updated in real time, based on your current rank. Even though many players (including me) will miss their past rank border reward (after suddenly losing it), this seems to be a cool and motivating feature. * **Interactive player card** You can now left click on players card to reveal information about each player. For example, after clicking you can see player's profile icon with its border (Prestige or Ranked), champion mastery points and level, earned honor ribbon from previous game and past ranked banner. It seems interesting and pioneering in League appears to has a significant disadvantage. Now someone to be able to see the basic information about his teammates (or even enemies), which is their champion mastery level, their past rank achieved and the honor ribbon, he needs to do up to 10 clicks with his mouse (so he can reveal the info for all 10 players into a game). On the top of that, many times if he wants switch back to the typical players card, he has to do up to 10 additional clicks. Imagine the anxiety and the frustration a player may get already, just by the moment of loading screen, when he has a small window of time to get all the info he wants before the game starts, when previously he could get that info sooner and easier (by just looking the front of players card without touching anything). At least, I think that it would be very helpful if anyone could be able to make a single click happen and the info would appear to every single player at once (plus just a second click to turn these info back off). * **Global loading bar** Now there is a single global loading bar on the entire loading screen for all 10 players, while earlier there were 10 individual loading bars for each player. Its a big disadvantage for someone to not be aware how fast or slow his own pc runs while the game tries to load up (especially for low or medium specs pc users). Usually someone was able to realise, due to personal bar, when something on the background was slowing his pc down and he could easily fix this using "Alt+Tab". Although I kinda get that in this way the minor "flame" towards the low specs pc users, may get vanished so it's alright. * **Upcoming team chat into loading screen** Each team will be able to also chat with team members during loading screen. This sounds awesome as team can make a game plan or even chill chatting while they wait for their game to start. Until now, I cant find a worth mentioning disadvantage for this one. **Conclusion:** In my opinion, there is still need of making some (important) adjustments to this new stuff so it can be great and functional for almost everyone. "Changes" are generally charming by their own nature to a lot of people, but we all have the job to make them wisely and correctly. So guys what's your opinion?
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