How do i position as ADC in team fights vs a heavy engage comp?

Hi folks Just played a game as {{champion:51}} vs {{champion:54}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:516}}. I generally had no peel aside from my {{champion:40}}, but she can only do so much. I tried to stay in the fringes when team decided it was wise to just engaging when they did dragon. We were slightly if not far behind, though {{champion:18}} was getting a little fed at that point. As it turned out we were engaged upon with ults all around and, surprise, everyone died except for me (which ofc meant it was my fault we lost per default). So my question is: As an immobile ADC, how do you position in team fights vs heavy engage comps? Is it worth taking the Malph ult, or similar, and risk being thrown into the fray by Azir for a few AA? Or should I wait it out, attack what I can, hope my team is not oneshot and then begin attacking after the heavy engage is gone?
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