What sucks about this game (my 2 cents)

This is a short list where I rant about the WORST points about this game in my opinion. Small describition of myself: Played since S2, have been Master Tier for 3 seasons and Diamond 1 for 2 seasons, stopped playing for half a year and came back for fun. I have a circle of friends with high elo players (semi-pros also), I watch lots of youtube content about pros and I followed some Esport events so I kind of know what I am talking about and many friends, and content creators share the same attitude. I won't praise the good things but rant about the absolute horrible things in this game, focusing on solo/duoq. 1. SoloQ : duoq should be seperated or removed from soloq. Like APDO himself said in a video recently, duoq gives a huge advantage to botlaners, other roles are inferior in duo-queuing. Also this system is higly vulnerable to abuse like boosting, griefing and smurfing. This is a common huge problem in Master/Challenger and also significant in divions below. 2. Stealth Champions : Irrelevant in competitive with very small exceptions, but completely unhealthy for solo/duoq. Champs like -Evelynn -Shaco -Twitch -Rengar -Akali have been a pain to be balanced by riot while destroying solo/duoq with coinflips, cheeses and low counterplay possibilities. I could rant about stealth champions for hours but I only mention the most common things now: -lvl 2 cheese ganks coinflips result in snowball or fall backs fueling toxicity and bm. -random oneshots -impossibility to farm on sidelanes when these assassins are fed (others can be tracked easier) -near to no counter play possibilites. The main arguement against this point is "it is time limited and you can play around it" while people have no understanding how abusive the mechanic really is (except for highly competitive teams where communication and UNDERSTANDING is fundamental). -Control wards dont work against all kind of stealth mechanics, they can easily be played around and are cluncky, expensive and take away item slots (hahahaha). -Red trinket doenst directly reveal, has a big cooldown, is not intended for countering stealth but mainly vision, has such a small area that you are melee range the moment u see the enemy. -Teamfights are completly horrible when fighting against stealth champions, speaking of Shaco oneshotting Ap-Mages/Adcs in the chaos of teamfights, same goes for Rengar, and Twitch opening with R mowing down the whole team before you can react. (Twitch pressing f once supported by a Supporter with at least a small brain is enough to shut down counterplays) 3. Minion Aggro/Behaviour : I have nearly no words for this. The way minions randomly ( I know there is a list of how minions behave containing like 6 different priorities when to do what) run around your own wave to first attack a cannon minion once, then run behind casters to hit them in their back while switching aggro randomly again. Small indie company I guess. 4. Itemization : defensive item options for adcs are laughable. (Kaisa was mainly so strong because she offered ap damage if needed (full team ad) and had the ability to build Zhonyas against all those assassins in my opinion). Conventional adcs have tabis+GA as armor options and hexdrinker as mr option (other builds are too weak to be talked about). These are build after at least 2 items, which are required to be kind of relevant, and then the game is often already over. 5. Snowball : I think this problem is being adressed in the new pre season with the baron/turret/minion changes, but so many ramp champions fell out of meta which is just sad. Macro is often unneccessary, objectives irrelevant, coinflip is encouraged. 6. Riot : Scared to take risks, HUGE LIST OF BUGS on every champion, spaghetti code preventing many bugs from being able to be fixed, many GAMEBREAKING bugs on daily highlight videos which can cause whole games to be turned (can it be more frustrating?), inconsistency and much more. A friend told me that he saw a video guide @ Riot Games where the camera man looked at the light working attitude inside riot games. He had the impression that playing the game instead of working is encouraged and when he asked a guys what he did the guy responded, that he had been working on the way Dravens axes fly in the air for the last 2 months hahahahhaha. American efficiency (smiley that everyone uses passive aggressivly to feels smart). I understand that many decisions are being made with competitive LoL being more relevant that soloq/duoq. Viewers and Sponsors might be more profitable when you creat a game that is fun to watch rather than fun to be played. But specially point 1., 2. and 3. can be looked at from a seperated way. This ONLY affects my soloq games where I get tilted (where the game encourages me to get tilted, and I'm gladly accept to tilt and get salty because it really is a cba in the end). Like I said in the beginning like all of my friends and many content creators share some/all points of this list. Last thing: No idea if these "suggestions" are even being looked at, riot with their list of "what is fun", designed by 40 year old dudes with 20 apm looking at statistics instead of listening to pros/soloq players. Community managers absent, or maybe replying with "we take every post to our heart and into consideration" stuff while everything except reddit posts with 5k upvotes scratch at the bubble of their attention because they have to respond. really frustrating. generic s3 was the best season haha
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