Sett needs a nerf

He has a little to much utility in his kit. He already got this big shield that puts morde to shame that he can cast fairly often in the midgame and his health regen from his passive kinda gives him the extra survivability that feels a little too much to deal with. His damage is one thing, which could be alright but when you combine it with what I could compare to a slightly weaker version of Mundo's regen and a shield that is basicly a Tahm E hidden inside his damage spell feels a bit too much in the laning phase. Maybe tune down the shield, early damage or just remove the extra regen from his passive? his heal is like a constant health pot healing him up meaning he will win trades against the majority of champs just because he has that free health regeneration from being poked or trade limiting what you can actually do in lane against him with most toplaners.
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