First of all iam a main aatrox ,i had too many games with him over 800 with the old and more than 500 with the new one. I can say that iam full experienced Aatrox main player and this is my first topic after 7 years playing the game. Old Aatrox: Old Aatrox was such a unique champ and the thing i like the most was the risky gameplay. Yea the best part of him was the risk and the enthusiasm to dive into the battle while knowing that you are about to die but you didnt care anyway cause you got the adrenaline and the feeling that you are a monster destroying the enemy. For me this game was always broken unbalance and full of bugs and even if i won i wasnt happy due to the broken mechanics and the frustrated balance,not to mention that the most champs were so easy, boring and you didnt need to make an effort to play them and win. But playing Aatrox was like filling the whole. Just the though that you have to be offensive or defensive in the middle of the battle depending your W and making choices that could kill you so easy or make you dominate.THIS CHAMP as i said was risky meaning you had to make an effort to win and try hard to understand how his playstyle works.Depending your choices (defensive or offensive) Aatrox was so easy to kill.I played with many enemy Aatrox and personally never had any difficulty playing against him meaning he wasnt op at all. Its so funny that some scrubs didnt know how to counter him and they said he was broken,unbalance and unhealthy while this game from the inside is unhealthy having champs (Yasuo, Yi ,Vayne etc.) that they dont need to do anything than going full dmg and going 1v5 "carrying" the game. My opinion about Old Aatrox is that he was fine he didnt need the rework only some small adjust nothing more. New Aatrox: A big disappointment for me as i said he didnt need a rework and i was more frustrated and DISAPPOINTED when i played him... The meaning of a rework is to make him more viable and more enjoyable. This Aatrox is in worse state than the old one and more broken as ever I cant say, i like the think of the world ender . being an tremendous foe, a killer without feelings but its a shiety irony in the game Aatrox is more than a moving ward trying to catch champs that in the end rekt him. Passive: nothing special even after the update with the healing Q: okay it seems good at the start but he cant do anything without his dash E and in late game is useless cause of him being "stunned" while every other champ runs like hell. W:useless after some point cause its so easy to avoid and you use it only to make Q VIABLE E: a small dash nothing special either, indifferent and you use it to MAKE Q VIABLE R: Good looking ulty giving you the feeling that you are a menace and you are going to destroy the world but in the end is shiet giving you some dmg for your Q again (cause your hits are already low on dmg) and now after the update your revive is working after some enemy champ dies meaning in 1v1 its useless You made a champ that he actually has only the Q for everything, the other spells are only to make your Q viable while he depends on others to make a good combo or to make his revive useful. Old Aatrox was funny risky rewarded champ.Pretty good skills to melt your enemies to help your team and if you made a mistake you were dead(his revive was awful but still his passive gave him good stats and you could do a good combo with his kit).He was hard to learn and if you failed at the start it was difficult to come back so you had to play RISKY. New Aatrox is no fun at all you risk but it doesnt matter cause if you play against champs that come close to you you die no matter what you do His whole kit is frustrated making him useless at late game and more boring than ever. You dont get that feeling that the old Aatrox gave you cause you are a slow bruiser than needs to stay back and w8 for his team to help him get his combo. His ulty doesnt change the tide in the fight that every ulty does in this game.it just has a good effect nothing more. As i main Aatrox both old and new this is the truth you have to accept Riot. This is the worst rework that you ever made cause not only you changed him completely but you also made it worse than ever.I just hope someday you will understand that this rework is a failure and give us the right Aatrox back. Riot is a good company filling League of legends with very good interesting lore ,stories and trailers and i hope some day you will make a movie about it, but if i was in your place i would fire the balancing team cause they dont know shiet :) We miss OLD AATROX!!!!
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