Looking to be a better player. High Elo players' help/advice wanted. :)

So, I hit a really bitter point a while back in LoL. My performance took a nose dive. I was bronze V for so long it wasn't even funny. Then, something miraculous happened - Pokemon Go came out, and I got a little wrapped up in that. I just started playing again, and I'm actually doing well. Literally hit Bronze IV with ease. So, I guess taking a break can really help, sometimes. But, I'm no longer feeling so disheartened. I'm now thinking, "Hey, I might actually be able to climb and do decent." So, that has me interested in getting better. Which brings be to what I'm about to ask. If any high elo players have the extra time to watch a couple of my matches, and tell me where I need to improve, I'd be forever grateful. If my skill is too bad to help, maybe you'll get a few chuckles. To clarify what I mean by high elo.... I'll actually take help from anyone who's gotten out of Bronze on their own. :) Also, I really don't want boosted. I really want to solo-q my way up the ladder. Just a little advice would be a tremendous help. Cheers and thank you for your time.

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