How to counter Fizz?

I don't like to play against champs I can't deal dmg, because, if I can't deal damage, I can't kill them. I mainly ban Yasuo when I go mid, not because he is OP, but his wall usefulness is off the charts. I just can't deal my full combo with the champs I play, and many have projectile based attacks. Fizz on the other hand... he can just, ignore damage with his pole jump, and counter attack you when you are on CD. It is true that he is melee, but usually he plays safe until he knows he can go in and win an easy kill. With that said. What champs HARD counter Fizz and why? Since he can ignore damage taken, how can one control this champ in the lane? I already found a way to HARD counter Zed and Le Blanc with my champs, however, Fizz... impossible.. I always lose the lane. I have more chances vs a Yasuo, but the entire community of LoL plays Yasuo, so, I have a lower chance to meet a Fizz. Thanks for the help.
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