Stop crying about placements

Christ the season has literally JUST started and people are already complaining about where they've been placed? MMR has been reset, its quite normal if your rank to last season is a division or two below, this gives everyone an equal chance to climb and get back to where they was. Would it be any fun at all if all the players in diamond/master/challenger etc got placed back into the exact same places and LP as last season? It is done for a reason, stop crying about your rank and work on it, you have a full year to get back to where you was or higher. I'm currently 7-0 in my placements and going for that juicy 10-0, if i get placed in bronze so be it. Stop expecting riot to hand you EVERYTHING on a plate and actually invest your time into getting better or back to where you was. TLDR: Stop crying about placements Edit: 9/1 in placements, got bronze 1, I MADE IT MOM
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