Pings with Champion interaction

Is it me or would it be cool if when you pinged your champion called out too. Eg. Mundo "On my way": "Here comes Mundo to save you!" in mundo voice Rakan "warning": "is it me, or does it feel.. more dangerous then normal" Xayrah "Response": "more dangerous then being attacked all the time?" Rakan "2nd Response": "yeah,,, dangerouseerrr" Camille "missing enemy": "you seem to be missing something,, or are they dead" Jinx "Request Help" : "I DONT NEED HELP IM JUST SAYING IT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE HELP, BUT YOU DONT NEED TO, IVE GOT THIS UNDER CONTROL HAHAHHAAAA DIEEEE!!" Ekko "Protect Turret": "I can turn back time,, but i dont think the big guy can,, maybe we should save him" Darius "Protect Inhib": "FOR DAMACIA!!!" Draavern "Target Enemy": "your about to be Draavern'd" and so on. personally i think it would get you more involved with the champions as well as help you understand abit better what is happening instead of just hearing a shed load noise. also why not add a ping Mordekasier "Team mate F*** Up": "fool" Obv you would have a mute button as well incase someone spanned something xD
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