In Your Opinion! - Hardest Lane/Position to play?. POLL

Hey All, As the title suggests, I just want to get an Idea of what the community thinks is the hardest lane and/or position to play, and why. I personally feel like Jungle takes it. - Jungle route will depend largely on what the enemy Jungle/Team has chosen to play. - Obliged to apply constant map pressure at all times. - Neutral farm, meaning you can have your farm taken away from you by the enemy Jungler. - Failed ganks will 100% of the time be your fault. - If a lane looses, that will also be your fault too. - Keeping tabs on Drag/Barron is largely Jungle's responsibility. - Flamed unlike any other lane. - Some of the jungle items are not as good as similar items at the same price, but are pretty much essential for Jungle. - Gank a lane and take the kill, expect scorn. - Build experimentation is an absolute no. If you don't build a conventional build, and your team loose, you WILL be reported. - You will be flamed by your OWN team if you get fed. - Push a lane to tower and you may get flamed for "taking CS". These are just personal thoughts from my experience. I started this as an actual question, but it seems to have morphed into a bit of a rant. Sorry about that. Sometimes if I play jungle I feel like a parent having to run between rooms picking up toys thrown out of the pram by my ungrateful children, all whilst trying to keep the house in order. Support gets an honourable mention too. Although I think that you get far less flak as a support.
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