Why Riot destroyed Veigar?

I returned to this game from a long break couple weeks ago. Picked up veigar, my old time favorite champion. And riot had destroyed him. Who the hell thought that giving his stun 0,5 sec delay was balanced and good idea? Who the hell thought that making his q skillshot would be balanced and good idea? Yes, it does make farming a little easier, but that does not compensate for the disadvantages. His q is useless harass tool in lane. In team fights, its impossible to land on carry or apc anymore. and since veigar already had two skillshots, why did he need one more? Veigar was never OP. He wasn't played that much in past either. Why he had to be nerfed to oblivion like this? I was expecting some buffs since the deathfire grasp was removed. To me it just seems like riot doesn't want to see some champions used at all. Look at this. this proves that Veigar sucks and none should play him. In last game I was at 9/3/3 when two of my team mates went afk and I couldn't even carry the game. Veigar is so useless thrash right now. http://imgur.com/ek7czhV
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