State of the game: Darius

I think we all know Darius is in kind of a problematic state right now, his rework did him more damage than good. I have been maining Darius for years now, and his kit is just too unhealthy now I'm afraid he'll suffer the same fate as Azir: a very, very strong kit that's unnerfable, thus riot will just nerf his abilities to the ground by decreasing damage & scaling. Yet there will always be games where he becomes disgustingly op, and then there will be games where he directly falls off due to this. Before his rework not many people played Darius, and nobody complained about him. But let me show this. This was my match history BEFORE his rework. No, his kit wasn't op. His scalings weren't op. His Q didn't heal which is why I always had lots of lifesteal. He didn't apply an instant 5 stacks to everyone when his passive proced. He was in a good state this way, and even healthy. He was that early game lane bully who dominated everyone, but if not fed enough would fall off mid to lategame. And it was fair. Now a Darius can go full tank, proc it's passive giving him a bonus AD steroid of 40 (at level 1 (!!!!)) to 200 (at level 18) and apply his stacks to the whole enemy team WHILE HEALING HIMSELF WITH HIS Q. Obviously I wouldn't complain about this. My dunkmaster just became even stronger. And I carried myself this season from bronze to gold, until I capped at gold 2, where out of all sudden Darius was banned game after game after game AFTER GAME. In lane NOBODY, and I repeat NOBODY can fight a Darius for longer than 10 seconds due to his passive multiplying his AD by 2. Riot, when theres a champion that gets instabanned every single ranked game you need to do something about it. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT decrease his damage or scalings! FIX his abilities! Eventually revert this entire ridicilous rework which nobody liked anyway. I always enjoyed playing Darius, a lot. He is and has always been my favorite champion from the moment Riot released him into the league. But now he's just ridicilous to play against, I even get comments from my own team saying 'Oh you're gonna pick that noob champion?', sometimes MY OWN TEAM even bans Darius even though they know I was going to pick him. I miss the days where everyone was confused about how they could lose against that 'unviable' champion. Now he's just a broken piece of shit everyone can play with. I really hope Riot decides to do something about this and not just nerf him to the ground.
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