First daily reminder that some players have FPS drops since 7.22

I beg you, UPVOTE this post for visibility! This is my last, desperate attempt to save my will to keep playing this game. I'm just going to post daily reminders about this issue that has been affecting me for FIVE MONTHS until I get a Riot response on the matter. So... Since the preseason patch hit live (November 8th iirc, five months) I've had insane FPS drops that cause my screen to stutter for one or two seconds the longer the match goes. Basically, I start the game with average FPS (still lower than the FPS I was getting pre 7.22) and they get lower the longer the game goes, with some stutter happening during laning phase too. I'm not the only one who's been experiencing this issue, there were a lot of threads about this issue in November but I don't really know if other players found a solution. I'm fairly sure though that it hasn't been fixed yet since some friends of mine have the exact same problem. Here's some threads about the problem when it first came up: [Thread 1](, [Thread 2](, [Thread 3](, [Thread 4]( And I could keep linking threads because there's A LOT of those. Riot acknowledged the issue and posted a [thread]( with an update about those FPS drops, but it got archived with the whole "help&support" board and we've had no updates on the issue since... the end of November? The thing is: the game is almost unplayable for me at decent levels. I've lost games because of drops/stutters and it's one of the most tilting experiences I've ever had on any online game I've played. It's **FIVE MONTHS** that I'm playing **every single game** with FPS drops and I'm honestly kind of annoyed at this point. It's not an issue on my end because: 1. Other, heavier games (FF14 with medium-high settings, FFXII The Zodiac Age, Fortnite and games like that) run smoothly with zero issues, no stutters and no FPS problems overall; 2. I've sent a ticket to the Riot player support but after a 2 months long discussion, they could not help me because there's nothing I can do to mitigate or solve this issue; 3. A friend of mine has my exact same laptop and has been experiencing this issue since the preseason patch (just like me), and when we're in a match together we experience drops IN THE EXACT SAME MOMENT; 4. I've tried everything, repairs, drivers, I've even dowgraded my Win10 version because I thought it could be an issue with the Creator update and League. Meh, I even restored my laptop to factory settings and it didn't change anything. At this point, I don't know what to do anymore. Playing the game like this feels awful and I'm considering to stop playing League for good. We've had no updates in the past 5 months about this issue and I'm here for this: please Riot, give us an update! Are you still working on a fix? Was the issue fixed but not for all players? Is there something I can do to make the game AT LEAST playable? Is there something WE can do to help you figure out how to fix the problem? Sincerely, a hopeless player.
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