Petition to rename Rework Urgot's skills

There are three reasons I love Urgot. The first is firing barrages of homing missiles. The second is being an engine of death. The third is the absolutely fantastic skill names. The first is dying with the rework, but I would love if an appropriate lock on sound effect was included with Purge. The second is being taken up to eleven. The third seems like it wasn't even considered, which is unfortunate for the flavour of the character. Urgot should be a juggernaut that appeals to players that enjoy death machines. A huge part of a character's flavour is in their skill names. Echoing Flames sounds like a magical curse, while Disdain and Fear Beyond Death are emotional states, not attacks. Corrosive Charge just drops the Noxian from its old name and Purge is the only new name that actually defines what Urgot is doing and it seem to play along with the fantasy of playing Urgot. Disdain is the new Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser, but that name is too long for an non-ultimate and it isn't instantaneous movement so it should be called "Kinetic Position Reverser" or just "Position Reverser". Fear Beyond Death doesn't suit Acid Hunter at all (and it no longer hunts acid so the name makes no sense) but it could be called "Massacre Missile", "Execution Engine" or something similar. As for Echoing Flames, the name at least somewhat describes the skill and it would likely sound less like a mystic curse when adjacent to evocative skill names. **tl;dr** If it doesn't sound like a label on a mad scientist's control panel, then it shouldn't be a skill name for the Headsman's Pride. I didn't pick him to play some emo juggernaut, I picked him to play the execution machine.
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