Lets sit a little to talk about Juggernauts

So darius yes darius you did hear me right DARIUS ONE OF THE JUGGERNAUTS IN THE GAME, a champion with a high sustain once you get your {{item:3065}} due to 20% more heals on you high damage increase late game once you get 5 stacks on an enemy champion HIGH ULT TRUE DAMAGE SO MUCH ARMOR PEN BECAUSE OF HIS E PASSIVE SO MUCH DAMAGE FROM W COMES LATE GAME APPLIES YOUR PASSIVE ON ENEMY CHAMPIONS ON EVERY Q ( then dunking to the pentakill the thing that sucks ) i mean just look at garen too! same with DR. mundo, tank ekko, etc. look at their damage with most of their items TANK ITEMS, riot riot riot FIX THIS PLEASE TL;DR FIX THE DAMN TANK META
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