Decrease loading during Champion selection

Hi! According to me, one of the weakness of this game is that loading time is too much high (especially during the Map Loading) A part this, can you lower the waiting time during the champion selection screen? What about 15 seconds instead of 30 seconds for each player? Often ( at least, during the my experience) the players takes every seconds to think and choose the champion. I can't understand this. When I'm looking for a game (Draft mainly) I have a clearly idea of which champion I want to play and as soon as it's my turn, I insta pick my champion. I don't understand why do players need 30 seconds to think and choose their champion. Wouldn't be enough 15 seconds to think about it? One last developer request: Can you reduce the waiting time during the map loading screen when a player can't connect? Often when a player takes too much to load, their percentage get stuck at 0% I'm not joking: yesterday It happened to me that I was able to peel and prepare a pineapple while I was waiting for the map to load because 1 players wasn't loading...At least 4 or 5 minutes of waiting...
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