Why is the game getting easier after every season passes?

Hey there, I have been playing since the start of season 2 but there is something i couldn't help but notice is that as every year passes or every new season begins whatever you want to call it. Riot games seems to i guess "nerf" the skill cap required to be good at this game and I dont really understand why. like the most fun parts about this game is learning the hard curves that were in the game such as: * keeping time of the camp spawns * warding dragon and baron all the time * learning when the best time to buy wards * when the best time to use your actives I mean the actives are still there but like they seem to just be getting nerfed and made easier over the years. qss is next and I personally think its a terrible idea to do that to qss as you can tell the difference between a good qss player and a bad one. I'm not even an adc main xD i just think that nerf is a terrible idea AND the current qss could show the difference between a good zed or another champ such as morde I am a morde main and I keep track of its cd time and when the enemy adc has used it so i can use my ult effectively but now I can just use my ult whenever I want next patch....like ugh thats just too easy I actually enjoy having a bit of a struggle and keep track of the enemies qss as the harder it is then the more fun im gonna have honestly. You dont even need to ward drake anymore or baron as it gives you a timer if its down anyway meaning if there are no enemies on the map then they are gonna be either in 4 positions: base, dragon, baron or baiting your ass like its so obvious these days and lacks required vision control like the old days which I honestly dont understand as i really enjoy the skill part of keeping a solid objective and vision control like the old game had. now its a lot easier with free wards for everyone and timers for everyone to see....like ugh I just dont get it because now the next patch will FLARE yes thats right FLARE the enemies blue, red buff and yours when it has a minute left before its back up....like wtf i actually enjoyed keeping wards on my buffs and theirs like ya know...SKILLED VISION CONTROL now its just getting completely removed because the game tells you anywyas -_- like there is absolutely no skill or focusing on ward control for their buffs or yours anymore as the game just straight up tells you.....I really dont like that and I honestly dont think it should be put in the game Anyways thats how i feel league of legends is these days. they are focusing too hard on helping people who dont want to learn and just giving them all easy stuff for them to be more relaxed for a more casual experience whilst they are not even taking into consideration that there are people who actually like to Try and feel like they need to focus hard to win....now im pretty sure i can be half asleep and climb these days because of all the nerfs to Skill cap and i just feel Riot Games needs to understand that its okay for your game to be difficult as honestly im pretty sure half of your community plays and enjoys the game for its difficulty but hey if you want to remove that then i guess its fine all it means is i lose interest slowly in the game. Thanks for reading and i just want to point out this is just my opinion ^^ dont kill me haha and i will happily read your personal opinions on the difficulty changes or whatever changes you really like or dislike. I also still really enjoy league of legends its still by far my fav pc game but i really do miss the harder times is all. Thanks for reading and have fun on the rift! :D
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