Why does Ezreal have better poke and better mobility then every mage in the game?

{{champion:81}} + {{item:3025}} = Somehow makes him the best mage in the game with an easy low mana Q and the ability to easily blink over walls every few second. Mages are DESIGNED for poke and yet no other mage can do this apart from {{champion:127}}, who suffers massively from an overbloated cooldown on her main mobility spell. (Maybe with the exception of Riot's "popu-slut mages" of {{champion:103}} and {{champion:99}} - But they get treated differently because of fan favouritism then most conventional mages) ADC's get the best kits, best items... (Compared to the laughable AP item rework in the "Mage Update", the Marksman items were 10x better thought out give 10x more useful stats quicker then AP) what else are you going to give them Riot. How about an item that gives them 200 AD while also giving them 4 free permanent stealth wards, so they can support themselves too. Yet Riot cannot even be bothered to keep {{item:3157}} at an acceptable level, the ONLY way to get AP and armor while AD get {{item:3156}} which is 50 TIMES SUPERIOR! Why can nobody else see how Riot is simply just pandering towards AD champions and their needs. (Yes, {{champion:81}} is a hybrid but I rarely see him built AP because AD is about 50x better at the moment - Better release AD supports Riot)
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