How to farm S+ with lucian

Warning : Trolling ahead Farming S+ with lucian is as easy as spreading bread on butter since patch 7.5 So here's what you should do : 1. Find a team that wants to play with a bunch of on hit champs like yasuo / eve / Warwick or whatever (this won't work at all with a team that doesn't auto that much) 2. Masteries : 12 - 0 - 18 with "expose weakness" , "veteran scars" and the new "stoneborn pact" 3. Runes : % Health quints , % Heath yellows , mr blues and lethality reds 4. Pick support (flash / exhaust) 5. Pick the blue support thing 6. Depending on who you're lanning against start with either B.C if they have an annoying tanky thing like malph , or take Frozen Mallet to proc stoneborn pact 7. Take Ardent Censer , autos slow enemies > procs stoneborn pact > everyone who attacks them is healed > they get 20 to 30% increassed Attack speed and drain an extra 20 - 35 hp on hit > repeat 8. GG wp you won This sounds trolly but it actually works well (to farm S+) With 4000 hp at lvl 18 everyone who autoattacks an enemy you previously auto'd will heal for 105 hp (over 2 seconds) + 35 per auto
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