The new Meta: "Run run run your champ, gently round map..."

...merrily merrily merrily merrily, this is not fun at all. :-) Seriously, this is how a lot of games go right now. You have a team that basically should enter the Olympics, because they are so good at running away from you. {{champion:99}} mid, {{champion:432}} supp, {{champion:41}} top, {{champion:81}} bot and {{champion:77}} jungl. What do all these champs have in common? They are absolute masters at running away, stalling out the game, and exploiting mistakes...and by mistake I mean: **"Try to actually play the game."** This is not League, its a kite-simulator. And its boring as hell, to play, to play against and to watch in the professional scene, and sadly, its becoming more and more common. Now, why is this a problem suddenly, because all these champs used to be there already, and most of the items as well. Well: Because some genius idea of rito was: _"Hey, lets make games faster by nerfing all the passive defences (aka.: Turrets) because stalling out games for 45 minutes with waveclear heavy teams as we saw in worlds2015 and waiting for lategame teamfights is booooring!"_ **Because that's the reason why these teams work: being able to kite for AGES, even when heavily outnumbered, is making any attempt to catch someone extremely risky. Its next to impossible to catch Udyr or Bard on your own, so you need the team...meanwhile however, you lose some objective somewhere else, because the turrets are so amazingly weak that they fall like dominoes.** _"Well, just defend the turret then"_ Whish that I could, but you don't need to actually FIGHT for a turret...a few shots when you are in range and then, yes you guessed it, running away from any attempt at engaging. And you are right, stalled out games are boring, but whats even more so, is a game where there is barely any fighting at all, just skirmishes and picks, which are not enabled by actual skill, but by being so frustrating to play against after you tried to make a decisive move for over 25 minutes, that at some point someone gets caught and deleted from the map...**because ofc champions that are very good at running away and CC, also need tremendous burst potential.** And oh, btw.: Games did not become faster because of that...because we still have waveclear, only now, hard engages and even assassin teams can get countered as well, so there is no breaking through. And once the singular pick happened, the weak turrets cannot stop the inevitable multilane push...and again the guy doing the splitpush doesn't need to fight, he just needs to be impossibe to chase without losing 2 turrets somewhere else. --- To summarize: Am I pis\**d? No. Game changes, change is good, keeps the game fresh. Am I frustrated? Yes. This is simply not fun to play, its not fun to play against, its not fun to watch. Solutions? Cut champions mobility or kiting potential, instead of **ENHANCING** it. There simply is no reason why a Lux can deter an entire team from a turret, while threatening a pick at the same time. There is simply no reason why an Udyr needs a free 10% movespeed boost. There is no reason why Easy-to get anti-CC items also need to give tremendous combat stats. -frantic
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