To Gold players: How often do you look at the map vs farm?

Title. I play mid and since I got to Gold junglers constantly flame me whenever they die (also other laners, but that's another matter). Junglers will fight in river, die, flame me for not moving. Doesn't matter that they are 2 levels down, should proceed with caution and I have 1.5 waves under my turret I try to farm. It's totally my fault for not moving and giving a double kill. Now: How often do you Gold players look at the map vs looking at farm? I was never flamed in Silver, so I would like to know if this is an area I seriously need to focus on, or if I can focus on other things for now. I can't farm without looking as some Challenger players can, so i tend to look at my minions for which one I should last hit. this means I don't look at the map 100% and, granted, that results in some situations where one with better farming skills/awareness would have moved and won the fight. But not every. single. time. my stupid jungler dies (yes, only stupid junglers. If you are not a stupid jungler, I don't mean you, unless you are one and don't know it. Not all junglers are stupid.)
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