Yes another post about Rengar and how bad he is

I ve being playing Rengar for over 3 years now and after the rework he is just way to boring to play as a champ.(LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED) So first of all his kit.(am not going to full detail about anything) Passive)The new passive is really awkward to use like losing the stacks is really bad for rengar it literally means that the enemy players have a really high chance to escape you than before plus since you only have 3 abilities to work with when you are fighting someone who a) isnt near any bushes and b)is in your face so ulting would just screw you over ,you are sitting there unable to do anything with 3 stacks just waiting for 3-4 seconds for your q to comeback(that actually happened to me) but even if you get your 4th stack guess what happens^^ YOU DIE AGAIN cause you deal 0 dmg either way.Btw giving us damage isnt worth it cause i will be dead before even using it. Q)Deals way to little damage at early levels making aa more viable (literally).Its takes 3-4 qs to kill someone at the early stageonf the game its like am i bought a cosplay claw and blade from a store and am trying to be the champ,his damage feels like am hitting someone with plastic weapons. W)went from RAWRRRR to meow ....the healing against monster is bad just like the dmg of your q healing 16 hp is REALLY BENEFICIAL rito thank you.Also no armor or mr given BUT we get a free qss.And it still sucks cause even if A MIRACLE happens and your stacks dont run out before having to stack them again and then aa the minions until the enemies make their move it blocks only 1 ability so in reality you will qss the first ability and then get cced and killed since they nerfed that too so you are better of just hiding like a b*itch all game and just use your abilities for dmg instead of your survival E) Buffed i guessed R) bleh just bleh the tobias fate BLEEEEEEHHHH. this ability is disqusting why give so much counter play to rengar Rito? The moment you press it EVERYONE groups and the moment they see you trying to do anything BAM cced and deaaaaad af even if you wait for the perfect moment players hold their abilities for you and since i get seen from a few miles away i die instantly.The duration is really low too the only reason i use it anymore is to just scare the players away from my teammates or objectives theres no such thing as using it to oneshot cause in real scenarios you would be dead before even leaping to the target. So to sum it up this rework is Riot telling us The ADC IN 2K17 LUL meme will die with your champ.This champ can now only be played bruiser-ish so theres no adapting into the situations like we used to do and hes literally gutted i mean the only way to make this shit of a champ work anymore is to get ahead in lane early which means the possibilities for that to happen are really low.Rengars role right now is being a bait idk why but people thing they will get oneshoted so they use evrything on me and then get runned over by my team so the thing you do everygame is to just build tanky and pray to the lord that the enemy is stupid enough to use everything on you.I love how from being able to oneshot i became a living bait for my team GJ Riot support rengar is the new meta.The only.thing you will manage to hit in a fight is the crit from your ulti BUT WAIT YOU CAN BUY RANDUINS AND COUNTER THAT? OOOPS TO BAD RENGAR PLAYER ^^.If you really hate him that much Riot.just delete him cause at his current state i would much rather getting that champ deleted and atleast keep the good memories than watching him suffer like that.
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